Choosing the right
Mediator is important


All litigation does not have to be a lengthy, expensive and contentious process. You can reach an amicable and quick resolution through mediation.

Family law mediation is the process by which families can negotiate about future arrangements for children with the help of a neutral third party. The mediator does not tell parties what to do, but can help the parties to reach their own agreements amicably, while trying to improve communication between them.  If the parents are able to work out an agreement, the mediator helps the parents write a parenting plan and/or divides assets and debts that may then become the final order for the parties.

Attorney Rivon is trained in civil and family law mediation. She is willing and able to help you reach an amicable solution. Requesting a consultation with Attorney Rivon is easy. You can contact our office (214-997-4073) or click here to access her online calendar.

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